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Can I give Rhett and Link a gift at the Tour of Mythicality??

Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to get VIP tickets to the Tour of Mythicality and I am SO excited!! I am really wanting to get Rhett and Link something to give to them when I meet them, does anyone know if they will allow presents at the meet and greet?? I would hate to spend time and effort getting/making them something and then not be able to give it to them :(

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I've seen posts from VIPs at other shows about giving R&L gifts, so I think so!

Ok awesome, thank you!! :)

I gave them an entire bag of stuff (like grocery bag full).  Apparently I was the only one at the Portland show to do so. They really appreciated it.

Aww that's great, I'm glad they liked it! Thanks for the info! :)


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