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If you're in Colorado and are a Mythical Parent, this summer you'll have a chance to converse/create with other Mythical Parents and their Mythical Kids! (Okay, I'll scale back on the gratuitous use of the word Mythical.)  

Camp Mythical (sorry!) Beast is a DIY.org Club based out of Broomfield/Boulder, Colorado inspired by Good Mythical Morning. Fans of the show and/or DIY can work together with other parents to help give their kids a fun & memorable summer. Children should fall into the 8-12 age range and have a DIY.org account. Parents interested in participating will act as "Camp Counselors" and yes, there will be a wheel!

Stay tuned to this thread for more details.

Thanks & be your mythical best!  


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and the good news is that, after numerous failed attempts, there's absolutely no way that Colorado won't be the site of a humongously spectacular and utterly successful MythiCon event this yea, right?

There was even an attempted Denver get together during the initial 2013 MythiCon event, but the proposed host of that has since left the Kommunity and all related postings have been lost.

So the Centenial State stands at a 0-4 record . . . hoping that year #5 is a winner.

I hope so! If there is enough interest in the camp, I can get an idea of how many fans of the show actually live here and then maybe we can host it. :) It's a little intimidating seeing the last attempts, but I don't think it should be that hard. We could all meet at a Dave Busters or something, like the one off Colorado Blvd. in Denver. The first thing to do and I think an important step would be to see exactly how many mythical beasts live in Colorado and from which cities. Do you think we could setup a poll or does one already exist? 

I've done coordination on this for four years now and, to be honest, whenever Moms get involved to assist in planning and execution these little MythiCon get togethers usually run quite smoothly . . . it's only when teen MBs attempt to host one without proper support that they have fallen through (if they even remember or bother to show up at all).



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