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People don't take us seriously.  It's "to be ironic" they say.  Well, I have come to say no, it's not to be ironic.  People are just not convinced that a male, no less one above the age of 8 could possibly like a show about colorful talking ponies.  I haven't come here to preach about the all-star cast, beautiful animation, or immsersive story-line   People laugh at us, I mean really, think about it, what could be worse then liking My Little Pony? They accuse us of being "Fur***s" or "Horse****ers".  None of this is true.

Being a brony is worse then being gay in the sense that people who hate homosexuals are put into their place by society.  Nobody likes homophobes  and it's just not acceptable in 1st world countries.  Hating on bronies, on the other hand,  is totally socially acceptable and encouraged in certain circles.  Next time you "make fun" of bronies, remember, they are people just like you and have emotions.  This is actually a very serious societal issue.

Any thoughts?  Post in the comments below.

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I don't hate Bronies. Plain and simple.  I think that the show is for six year old girls and shouldn't be watched by any one old enough to know that.  

I've got a few honest questions though, What makes the show so fun/ interesting?  What kind of "all star cast, beautiful animation, or immersive storyline; makes it appealing to someone who clearly wasn't the intended audience?  

Honest questions; if you could, I would like honest answers. Thanks!

There is a GMM episode on this topic you might find interesting. What I got from their episode was that it had two layers of a storyline, a deeper one with jokes and references that only older people would be able to catch, probably an attempt to keep the parents watching with the kids.

Growing up with a 9 year age gap between my baby sister, I realized that there were some tv shows like that back in the late 90's as well. I understand that tv writers do this, so I don't judge Bronies. There is clearly more than girlie colors and big eye ponies drawing them in. Not a brony/whatever the girl version of it is...pony? -but honestly if I had a 5 year old sibling expose me to it now,  I most likely would have gotten into it. 

BRONIES: tell me if I'm wrong!

I'm embarrassed to know this, but, girl Bronies are called Pegasisters, even though it completely be-smudges the spelling of Pegasus.

Brony is a term that can be used for fans of all age groups and genders.  Pegasisters are exclusively female fans though.

Yeah 1.Some Girls who watch MLP like to be called Pegasisters
2.thank you for not judging us thats really nice of you
3.Yeah your right and I'm nineties child too so yeah

All-Star Cast:

Lauren Faust creator of My Little Pony and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Powerpuff Girls, Codename: Kids Next Door.

The Concept & storyboard artists also worked on Samurai Jack, Dexter's Lab, and Ed Edd, and Eddy.

Tara Strong: Voice actor of Twilight Sparkle AND, Timmy Turner, Ben Tennyson, Dil Pickles, Raven, Bubbles, Juliet Starling, and Harley Quinn(in Batman: Arkham City).

Storyline:  Multiple episode story arcs (Season 1 Pilot, Royal Wedding Season 2 Finale, and Discord Episodes) that are VERY rare in modern cartoons if existent at all.  Each episode is the full 22 minutes as opposed to two 11 minute episodes smashed together ala adventure time or spongebob.  Engaging seasonal specials.  Each episode focuses around different characters ala Game of Thrones albeit not as complex.

Animation:  Personal taste I guess :P.

I think your trouble comes when defining yourself as a "brony". From our perspective on the outside, brony holds a very negative connotation, as it is really the sum of all the worst qualities some fans may have and really only defines a select portion of undesirable people any fandom, or simply collective group of humans, for that matter, is bound to have. If I liked the show, even if quite a lot, I'd never refer to myself as being a "brony". I'd just say I'm a fan of the show.

But it's really not my kind of thing at all, so I'm not really worried about having to make that distinction personally.

I'm a brony and people don't care. I have never met a hater. There is actually support for them at my school.

i dont hate bronies, i think they r kool ppl and whoever finds it rediculous should shut their mouths and just keep it to themselves
did i say that their opinion is wrong no i didnt i said they should stop voicing it duh get ur dumb facts straight

What's wrong and immature is people hating on Bronies before they even get to know us.  We're just regular guys!

Do not compare the brony community to the LBGT movement.  We are not trying to change how things are, we are merely living our lives and being who we are and getting judged for it.  And frankly, that's not a-ok in my book.  The LBGT movement faces larger societal issues such as the right to marry and adopt.  Bronies suffer none of these problems, however, we do get hated on very easily and are a marginalized minority.  I mean, we certainly are a very large target, I mean what's easier to make fun of then a bunch of grown men watching cartoons based off of a franchise of little girls toys right?  Well, that doesn't justify anything.  It's not like I'm trying to shove the magic of sharing and kindness down your throat, I'm just simply saying,  "What's wrong with me being myself in public???"


"Bro out at home. When you leave your house, virtually or otherwise, take the lessons with you, but leave your sparkles at home."

Cool, but, I don't talk about it in public because of the haters.  It wouldn't be a problem if you non-bronies didn't make a big deal of it, it's a cartoon.  Sounds like the don't ask don't tell to me.



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