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People don't take us seriously.  It's "to be ironic" they say.  Well, I have come to say no, it's not to be ironic.  People are just not convinced that a male, no less one above the age of 8 could possibly like a show about colorful talking ponies.  I haven't come here to preach about the all-star cast, beautiful animation, or immsersive story-line   People laugh at us, I mean really, think about it, what could be worse then liking My Little Pony? They accuse us of being "Fur***s" or "Horse****ers".  None of this is true.

Being a brony is worse then being gay in the sense that people who hate homosexuals are put into their place by society.  Nobody likes homophobes  and it's just not acceptable in 1st world countries.  Hating on bronies, on the other hand,  is totally socially acceptable and encouraged in certain circles.  Next time you "make fun" of bronies, remember, they are people just like you and have emotions.  This is actually a very serious societal issue.

Any thoughts?  Post in the comments below.

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 "It doesn't matter what you like, someone else will hate it." A very true statement.  It is all about how we deal with it.

"If you want to prance into the community and say, 'Hey, what's up with all the brony hate? I'm sick of it!' Then understand that you're opening up your personal issues to public comments and those people are free to comment just the same as you are."

The bronies also have the right to post this discussion, according to this. But you are battling the idea of the discussion, saying 

"Bro out at home. When you leave your house, virtually or otherwise, take the lessons with you, but leave your sparkles at home."

First off, don't put air quotes around paraphrases.  It's wrong.  If you want to put something I say as an argument against me, quote me exactly.  Two things could express the same general idea but, one could be right and one could be wrong.  Putting air quotes around paraphrases are intentionally deceptive.  Wording is everything and by rephrasing it you are changing the fundamental basis of what I am saying and by extension making your following argument a straw-man.

In that long winded essay of a reply, I never disagreed with anything you ever said except for

"Bro out at home. When you leave your house, virtually or otherwise, take the lessons with you, but leave your sparkles at home."

I will be myself whether you like it or not.  Heck, I'd drive around wearing a twilight sparkle fursuit blasting the theme on the stereo at max with the windows rolled down if I wanted to.  We live in a free country and I can say whatever the heck I want so long as it doesn't cause a clear and present danger.  And frankly, I wouldn't anyways because I'm not in your face about it because, I'm not a jerk like that.  I understand that not everybody likes it, that's fine.  What is a problem is people bullying others over the internet and in real life because they  like My Little Pony.  I should be allowed to express myself and be myself without having to worry about being bullied and abused.  Brony haters aren't an issue of being criticized.  Criticism can be respectful, and that is fine in my opinion.  But, when people call others call me swears or accuse me of being gay, that's not really criticism, that's being a jerk and that's all I'm saying.

stop talking to me i dont like u and idc bout punctuation

The more you comment, the further you get from actually proving a valid point.   

Now, just to personally ring in and correct some judge-y people, I do not hate Bronies! I do not hate the show! If anything I'm more indifferent. It is a little girly, for my taste, but, as far as little girl shows go, it's not that bad.

It can be pretty annoying at times, like in episode where Pinky goes all crazy, but it does have some moments of cool references for older audiences, like the episode MMMystery on the Pony Express is a parody (-ish) of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express, giving the older brothers and parents a different kind of entertainment from the show, so it can be good for all ages, if you know how to catch it right.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, "He's a Brony!", "He's just protecting his kind!", "He's a mind reader?!", now to answer those accusations:

1. I am not a Brony, though, just skip ahead to two.

2. I am protecting their kind, you might consider me something like "A Half-Brony", this is probably the better name for me, for I don't like making weird divisions of myself, but back to the statements at hand.

3. Yes. I can read minds.*

Now, in closing, I'd like to state that sometimes, in chat, I might be thought as a hater, sometimes just being a jerk in general, to talk about those in order, the reason for being a supposed "hater" is that I just kind of give that vibe, I don't like it when Bronies get on chat,for two reasonable reasons:

1. I usually get knocked against the wall, figuratively speaking, and I state time after time that I'm not a, so-called, "hater". how it gets to this? I don't know.

2. Once three or four get on, they start hogging the conversation, whether about the "haters" or M.L.P., sometimes just weird stuff I'm not interested in, in other words, I just drop out of the conversation.

And that's my little perspective**, hope you enjoyed.

*Not really. . . well, in these kinds of posts sometimes.

**Get it? My little Pony. . . My little perspective, Funny, right? Right?!

I don't want to start another 1000 word response or another argument, and I understand what you are saying. But not every brony wears a horse costume, yet people still make fun of those who don't, which is sort of the topic of the discussion. It is a vivid case scenario, psychologically speaking. 

I said I would do it if I wanted to.  But, I don't want to because I'm not interested in weirding people out like that.

ok so i think ppl shouldnt make fun of bronies or anyone else for that matter its a stupid thing to do cuz u can ruin ppls lives by one little word. end of story.

I don't know how much hate you face, but I REALLY doubt it's worse being a brony than it is being gay... Have any bronies been hated by their parents,been bullied to the point where they saw suicide as the only option or been  killed because they identifies as bronies?!

You may not find it easy being a brony, but don't say it's worse than being gay because "Nobody likes homophobes" it seems you have no idea what you're talking about.

This being said by a person who is neither gay nor a brony, but has seen the hate they get.

Yes, Yes (badly worded), and No to that first series of questions.  Being homophobic is NOT socially acceptable among people who I associate myself with.  Bronies however, are fair game and always open season, just saying.  It's a lot easier to make fun of a guy who likes colorful ponies then someone who is part   of a serious social and often religious dillema.

Where not all the same now that's not important no freedom till where equal damn right I support it
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