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I am not exactly sure how the best way to put my question out is, so let's try the kommunity! I have been seeing tweets about fellow mythical beasts receiving theirs in the mail. I figured I would check my emails to see if there was any info as to when to keep my eyes open and seeing as I live in alaska, was expecting it to be a bit longer than others. However, I have not been able to find an email from when I registered my pre-order confirmation number. Was there an email that was supposed to come when I registered? It said "thank you" and that it was accepted. Am I missing something? Thanks fellow mythical beasts!

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As long as you filled out the form at https://www.bookofmythicality.com/bonus (which is now closed) and it took you to a page saying it was accepted, you should be receiving the Mythical Kit items at some point. There was no confirmation email associated with it. The website says that you should receive your items within 4-6 weeks:

If you filled out the form for the bonus gift by midnight on 9/17/17, your surprise kit will ship within 4-6 weeks.

The items are being mailed from the book's publisher in New York, so I'm not sure how long it would take to reach Alaska, plus I imagine they didn't all ship out at exactly the same time. I live on the east coast and received mine within just a day or two of it being shipped. I hope that helps!

I live in GA and still haven't gotten mine :/ sad day! 

It will come. They tried delivering mine yesterday but couldn't because I wasn't home. Came home today to it waiting on my porch! Yay!! Now patiently (or as patient as I can be...lol) for the book! Decided I have to ground myself from twitter. Haha too many posts making me jealous lol can't wait!

Ikr? I preordered my book and definitely was let down when I realized it wouldn't be getting here till tomorrow. 


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