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I always have this problem of thinking about the past, or maybe remembering about the past.

This memories often make me feel sad as it makes me regret about something I did or maybe missing someone.

Does anyone feel how I feel? How do you conquer that situation?

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Maybe you suffer from nostalgia. Many people do. Look it up and you will be able to tell if that is what is going on. Unless you are at wits end, try to educate and help yourself before you pay someone who may or may not be able to help. Use the internet as a reference library and I bet you will find some positive answers.

Cheers Thomas =)

This is an interesting problem, I have never heard of this.

I think you should take thomas basset's advice, he seems to know a little about what is going on.

That being said I will give my one piece of advice that has worked for me in the past.

In university I was very depressed so i went to the psychology department and they suggested keeping a journal with my feelings and the triggers.

Later I could look back at the entries and see what the triggers were and try to avoid future situations.

So maybe that would work for you as well.

All the best;

nezumi otoko (rat boy in japanese) AKA Austin

Thank you for your suggestion, this is really helpful.

But I doubt I would wanna have a journal really. Reason being is because I do not want to read back someof those memories I intentionally wanna forget.

But talking about triggers, it's mostly when I'm bored or alone (not lonely), memories will tend to flush back somehow. And it's usually the bad ones.
Yeah GMM definitely calm me down a whole lot. And what's best is.. There's tons of episodes of it.. I can watch it forever!

Alright friends, I just found out that it's not necessarily be nostalgia, as sometimes these memories arn't always a happy one. Sometimes it's guilt trips too.

   I have that problem too... I've had an awful lot of bad experiences in the past, and I tend to get too caught up in the past.  Here's what I do:  Whenever I think of something negative about the past, I replace it with something positive about my life in the present. 

That's a really good way too, I usually try to not dwell over the past by covering it with present happy thought or events. All I can say is, the brain works in various different ways. Ours just cared too much I suppose.

I feel you- memories are very memory-ish. The best thing to do is to fill what you can of your life with happiness and slowly help yourself move on. :)


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