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Now we know Rhett and Link's list for Music for their Mood, What are the Beasts' list?  Let's share and maybe we can find some new songs.

Ambivalent- M&S- Babel

Angry- Rage Against the Machine- Bulls on Parade

Paranoid- Rockwell- Somebodies Watching Me

Happy- Roger Miller- You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd

Blah- Statler Brothers- Counting Flowers on the Wall

Cranky- Eddy Arnold- Make the World Go Away

Mischievous- Jane's Addiction- Got Caught Stealing

Devastated-Tie-George Jones- He Stopped Loving Her Today/Coldplay- Warning Sign 

Hungry- Weird Al- Eat It!

Hope you all enjoy my list can't wait to see yours. 

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Ambivalent - The Montreal Song - Merton http://youtu.be/OM6VcdjblRY

Angry - Killing In the Name Of - Rage Against the Machine 

Paranoid - I Think I'm Paranoid - Garbage

Happy - Stickshifts and Safety Belts - Cake

Blah - While You Were Asleep - OK Go

Cranky - One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces - Ben Folds Five

Mischievous - Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz

Devastated - Everybody Hurts - REM 

Hungry - Oh Yeah - Yello (you know, the song from Ferris Bueller and Snickers commercials!?)

I probably could have done this list with entirely Ben Folds/Ben Folds 5 songs or all OK Go songs, but I decided a variety was the way to go here. :)

Oh man, I agree with Ben Folds. I am such a huge fan. I got him on my list for "happy".

Some of these are kind of funny. Guess Rhett and Link put me in that mind.

Ambivalent -- Gotye "Somebody That I Used to Know"  He really cannot decide what he's feeling in that song.

Angry -- Johnny Cash "Boy Named Sue"

Paranoid -- Muse "Uprising"

Happy -- Andy Griffith Theme Song  I didn't know it had lyrics!

Blah -- Anything by Nickelback, the blahest of all blah bands

Cranky -- Flight of the Conchords "Mutha'uckers"

Mischievous -- Lily Allen "Alfie"

Devastated -- Weezer "Say It Ain't So"  It's about alcoholism and estrangement from your dad.

Hungry -- Newsboys "Breakfast"

I think  "You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd" is my new favorite song.

Well then you should definitely watch this video series ( 4 episodes in all):  GUY ON A BUFFALO


I LOVE "Guy On A Buffalo"! I was introduced to these by Jen on Cake Wrecks. The first time I saw them I laughed so hard I gave myself an asthma attack.

I am the proud owner of a Guy on a Buffalo t-shirt.

I had totally forgotten about this. So funny!
:-). Roger Miller is awesome.

Ambivalent- Kate Miller-Heidke - Caught In The Crowd

Angry- Steam Powered Giraffe - I love it (Icona Pop cover) Or Living Dead Girl -Rob Zombie

Paranoid-  The Police- Every Breath You Take 

Happy-  Abney Park- Steampunk Revolution.

Blah- Bodhi Jones - The Sky is Falling or Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

Cranky- Lovehammers - Casualty

Mischievous- Lisa Mitchell -Coin Laundry.

Devastated-A Firm Handshake (Zach Zobiech & Sammy Brown) - Fix Me Up  (Guaranteed to make you cry, especially if you read up on Zach Zobiech who passed away) OR MiG Ayesa - She Loved

Hungry- Christine Gambito - French Fries (Tembaland-Apologize Parody)

Links to the songs mentioned are listed below.. I also listen to a lot of Lily Allen but some of the ones I would have put as answers, probably aren't actually kid friendly. Pentatonix is awesome too! 

In case anyone is interested






















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