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Does anyone know when the new badges will come in? I really want the mythical beast badge.
While we're at it, did the design of said badge change?
I'm comparing the one in store Vs the one on their laptops?

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Did you see that you could click on the green link on the left at the Mythical.Store, then a dialog box will open for you to fill in a request to receive an email when the badges are available again?

Yes, I just noticed that recently, thanks. I've signed up too. I always enjoyed their vids but only listened to the 'out of YouTube' things recently. But thank you!

They are already on sale at the store and at the Mythical Tour events.

The old badges with either the Kommunity seal or "Be Your Mythical Best" motif have not been in production or available for sale for a very long time.

The new badges correspond to the 22 chapter titles & subjects covered in the book:

Yeah, that's a pitty, I'd say I'm one of the newer fans so I wouldn't be surprised that I didn't know that. Got a new badge ordered! Looking forward to room of mythicality expanding their tours in the future! Maybe I'll find exclusive stuff there! 


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