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hey guys! in case you didn't know I have a youtube channel, and for my next video I'm going to be answering some questions.and I want you guys to ask me some questions, it can be any type of questions except personal information. PS the top five questions that are the funniest will get a gift.have fun asking me some questions!

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what is your favorite word???

bingle-Australian informal for a collision

how to sleep more during the day, (im fine staying awake at night)

Do you ship Rhink?
and Do you have mythical shoes for sell ?

Anna (A), Bill (B), Cindy (C), and Daniel (D) work on a project.

  • Together, A, B, and C can complete it in 10 days.

  • Together, B, C, and D can complete it in 11 days.

  • Together, C, D, and A can complete it in 12 days.

  • Together, D, A, and B can complete it in 13 days.


Who is the best performer?   ___________________________


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