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Becuase their video was about hypermobility today I was wondering if anyone had Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?
I have type 3 with a bunch of other medical stuff Becuase of it.
Just wondering

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It usually affects your whole body cuz it's a connective tissue disoder


Yay..well not really yay but u know what I mean. What type do u have?

Type 3, I'm 14 years old, can't run, and have chronic pain and sublux a lot, I also have POTS but I don't take any offense from that video. I'm pretty used to all the problems, I was a lot worse off when I was 12 and got better since. when I was 12 it was the whole Doctors anointment every Tuesday and lots of crying but now it's pretty manageable, I just take medicine when my pain gets flairs and ignore the rest

I'm 21. It took til I was 16 to get diagniosed. I have POTS also. And I'm gonna be tested for MCAS. I get alot of subluxation and some dislocations. I also wear leg braces. I have been able to manage everything throu diet and exercise thou. Glad you're doing better than before. :)
I have a connective tissue issue. I've had genetic testing done, still haven't found out what my condition is. I have hyper mobile body parts. On top of that I've got a plethora of other medical crap.


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