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So what the title says. I am wondering if they are any Yognu(gh)ts here? I am a Yognuat myself, and a bro. And a member of the bro army, and Sky Army and other stuff...


And , are they're any users from Bzpower? I am on there! (Bzpower-Lego Bionicle fansite) Don't judge me.



aDave! Yognaut and I have the balls!




OVO  --- Owl

 V V


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I'm a Yognau(gh)t! About to become staff on the Yogscast wiki. ;)
I'm also partnered with the BZPower, my other wiki is chima.brickcraft.me
Check it out sometime - we're just getting started but we've already been mentioned on Hothbricks and Eurobricks! :D

Awesome! My BZPower is Helryx280.

Nice to see fellow yognuats and peeps from Biotube here. :)

I used to watch them but I kind of got over them xP

Not sure how it could be interpreted that way :P

I'm a loottt of things including a Yognau(gh)t. A Beard Lover, Sky Army, Swifter, Nerdfighter umm.. trying to think of anything else that has names. But yeah I loves me some youtubes >.>

I am a Yognaught. Also a follower of the Moon Nectar drinking Space butterfly and a Brony.

Coconut Fanatic on Bzpower. Das who I be.



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