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After Thursday, April 30, they are gone forever.

After 5 years of production, the Mythical Shoe is going out of stock...permanently. To commemorate these past 5 years of shoes, Rhett and Link are releasing a final sleek, black, leather Mythical Shoe. It features the iconic wing detail in silver on the sides and a silver Randler on the tongues. The soles (both internal and external) are a Good Mythical Morning orange.  These last commemorative shoes can only be ordered in the month of April.

They are set up on a pre-order basis; all pre-orders are guaranteed for fulfillment. To order the shoes, go to the Tweak website HERE: http://tweakfootwear.com/products/5-year-anniversary-mythical-shoe/...

Some residual stock is still available for the older Mythical Shoes. Rhett and Link provided more details in the GMMore video on how to find out what's left of the older versions and colors.

For the full information, please watch the "Don't Wake Up Bonnie Kathleen!" episode of Good Mythical More that was posted on April 1, 2015.

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I noticed someone on Tumblr has gotten their shoes already (!!!) so I checked my order confirmation email and it said that we'd get emailed from Fedex when the shoes shipped out.  Has anyone gotten notified, or are they not doing that after all?

I've spoken to Tweak about it. They are sorting orders and will notify when your shoes have been processed. They were nice enough to check mine name was on their list but I wasn't ready for my shipping email yet. I guess they have a lot to sort out.

Good to know! Thanks :)

my mythical shoes came in yesterday, there rly cool

So some people have been receiving shoes without a tracking number, so they might show up as a surprise one day :)

I just hope it's a day I'm at home :( We're getting random torrential downpours and I  don't want them to be ruined.

I would suspect they would be taken to a post office or depot if no answer

Typically things just get launched over the fence and left for me to find accidentally, unless they require a signature.

Oh my. Fingers crossed for you.

What do you know, I got my shoes today (no email), lovingly thrown a foot or so into the yard and waiting for me when I got home.   This is why I didn't order Clearly Canadian in the glass bottles, also. I really should look into getting a PO box.

Thank you for the finger crossing.  I'm sure it helped!

Tweak Footwear We started shipping last week. If you already ordered a pair and want to find out the status, please email customer service@tweakfootwear.com.

So I'm super late but would love a pair of these shoes. If anyone is selling theirs or if anyone knows if I can find them online anywhere please let me know. Thanks mythical beasts.



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