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for the month of november and december i will be hosting the animal montage kbe. post a montage of your pet, future pet, favorite animal, or past pet.

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awesome, i tried to load mine, but it didnt work
Pet Rock
Nothing Last forever
Nothing good usually do
The pets I had were clever
But they passed away too

I once had a pet turtle
Who was quick to hide
He was lost and by the time I found him
My poor snapping turtle had died

Then I had a pet collie
As regal as they come
Unfortunately someone easily stole her
She’s no Lassie but quite dumb

Next was a set of kittens
Fluffy, striped and black
One by one they disappeared
And never came back

From birds to fishes to lizards
It always came as a shock
The only pet that hasn’t died
Is my Lowly silent Pet Rock

This is a photo montage of my favorite animal : )

Little wings swiftly beat
Though my eyes may see a blur
beautiful you are to me
others may concur

Dolphins would make the best pets ever!  Though they probably need a part time dolphin trainer/care taker. Download and check out my montage, if you want. 


Here's a picture of my cat: http://i333.photobucket.com/albums/m369/SS-55/DSC06483.jpg

Here's a picture of my favorite animal: http://instagram.com/p/IkOk86AaH5/

Nice, your cat looks awesome!


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