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Welcome oh Reader to the world of Helmedia.

This world is an extremely peaceful world. As in they got to future tech without ever having basic items like guns, or ever needing to resort to them. Weapons are merely an abstract idea to all but a select few.

But in this world there was a recent war, the very first, and it set this world alight. Something has caused all machines and technology to stop working the world over, and no one knows what did it except that it was magic.

Watch your step as you venture out into this world stranger. For you may meet more than you expect.


1.Weapons include magic and swords, but enchanted weapons are EXTREMELY rare, (meaning that you will find only one in this roleplay, unless the GameMaster sees fit to introduce another weapon. None may claim this weapon in their initial build except the GameMaster.)

2.Magic is still a mysterious thing at this point, very few have mastered any sort of magic, and those who have guard their knowledge jealously.

3. NO TECHNOLOGY OF ANY SORT. Nothing may run off of electricity in any form, only the very basic forms of electricity may be used. Elemental Lightning for example.

4.Mythical beasts are beginning to reveal themselves again after the technological collapse, they are extremely distrustful of humans, and rarely show themselves.

5. Present your character build before you start, list all abilities and powers, strengths and weaknesses alike.

6. Upon Review I may let you join, but if your character is broken or full of loopholes you can exploit then you will be ignored.

7. I reserve the right to "UNMAKE" any character, everything they will have done will still be there, they will just cease to exist, memory along with them.

8. You may not control another player's NAMED character. Unnamed characters may be used for story purposes, but try to keep these characters in the background, and keep them in minor roles.

9. Enjoy the Roleplay, don't kill each other...too much ;-)

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(Mechanical items do NOT count as technology, so they made be used as long as they are not electric. think of it like the planet is letting off a constant EMP.)

Character: Reludar Magnus

Traits: master of shaping and condensing magic. Studious and a well read. Brother to Drakona Magnus (Dark Ignition's agreed upon character)

Weaknesses: his magic does not extend to living organisms, and doesn't affect inertia (if he shapes something while it is being thrown at him, like a spear, it keeps going) he CAN shape elemental magic to a degree.

Weapons: condensed metal for shaping Into any weapon of choice. An enchanted staff of jade which "focuses" the user's magic, made by both Reludar and Drakona

Occupation: Foremost Research Into magic, but was forced into Weaponsmithing during the war, separating from his brother to deal to more customers.

*(Edit to Weapons, ignore them from previous post.)

Weapons: Drakona's Forge-to-go. It is a generic looking anvil, forged with Magic even he couldn't understand. it has a permanent alchemical circle on it that, once activated, turns into the weapon or tool which Reludar needs at the time. the main factor is that it can only be activated by Drakona's Alchemy, so it takes time for it to come into Reludar's control. Also, the circle is the only one in the RP that can be activated more than once, for reason that are unknown to the characters

__Reludar Sat behind the counter, relishing the few quiet moments afforded him by Drakona's irregular sleep schedule. The door swung open with a jingle as a customer came in. Reludar stood, the cowl shadowing his face as the red robes shifted.

__"A greeting I do bid to thee goodman. This is the Magnus Brothers armory. Providers of all your weaponry and protective needs, What can I do you for?" Reludar said, his voice a controlled monotone.

__"I would like to have a Weapon made." The customer was one of the usual fare, a lord from a far off land that was wanting weapons, a local warlord, they all looked alike to Reludar, but this man's Request caught his attention when he mentioned that, "I want it to be an Enchanted Weapon,"

__"I am sorry sir but we do not sell Enchanted Items,"

__"Whoever said anything about buying?"

"your wife did last night." Drakona starts laughing. "What you here for?"

__"I need an Enchanted Weapon, preferrably something that I can Shoot Projectiles with, a crossbow maybe?" The man asked."


__"As I said, we do not offer Enchanted Weapons in our sales." Reludar Replied.


__"Then I have something to offer," The man stepped out for  a moment, and came back in lugging a suitcase. He set it down on it's side and opened it, Revealing that it was full to overflowing with Diamond, "Interested?"

"Would be, if i couldn't do this." he reaches down to a pentagram type figure on the floor, places his palm against it, and, with a small flash, pulls out a diamond. "you gotta be kidding me. you want a magical item, then you gotta make an equivalent exchange."

__The man narrowed his eyes, then smiled, "A service for a service then!"

(AN: I'll put down the character profile of this person at a point when his name is revealed, and even then I shall be obscure.)

__Reludar crossed his arms, not sure what to think, "What sort of Service dost thou offer? We have no need of a smith as my brother hath demonstrated So artfully"

__The man then Replied, "I have knowledge, and isn't knowledge priceless?"

__Reludar sighed and pulled back the hood of his robes and looking the man in the eye, "up to a point good sir, I will have to gauge what knowledge you have over the enchantment you wish, and how long you are willing to wait over how complicated the enchantment is to be. Any enchantment will take a year to accomplish as a set minimum, after that it can get to be longer."

__"I merely wish for it to gleam in the sun and propel Elemental fire condensed into a beam. I would preferably have it shaped like this." He handed them a drawing that looked like what we would call a flintlock pistol, a very fancy looking one that substituted a blade instead of a barrel, "there will be a small lever trigger which will cause it to fire. The beam will come from the end of the blade, that is all I wish for,"

__"It'll take 5 years minimum, these are new enchantments and we have to start from scratch, " Reludar sighed, thinking for a moment, "something like that will cost you much more than just knowledge, it would require you be indentured to us for life," Reludar offered.

__"Half" the man countered.

__" 50 years"


__Reludar Laughed, "your information better be good. waddaya say brother, shall we put him in debt and begin researching into creating the item he wants? It looks like something right down your alley as well."

"i can make the design pretty quickly, but the enchanting, especially attaching it to a physical trigger, will make it a more difficult job. it'll take a few years, though id say if we get really really lucky, we could have it in a year or two. but that's OK, cause i like to make my own luck." Drakona explains. "so when do we get started?" he asks Reludar. (sorry guys, forgot to put up a character sheet before my first post.

Character: Drakona Magnus

Traits: uses alchemy with transmutation circles. never completed his training, so his works are undetailed. Reludar uses his magic to work on that. Drakona is a bit less well-read, gets bored easy, and loves weapons and battle tactics. somewhat impatient. Brother to Reludar Magnus (GeekBeam's agreed upon character)

Weaknesses: limits to the amount of energy he can use for transmutations, and he has to draw one, or have a drawn one that was never used, before he can transmute from it.

Weapons: A heavily customized crossbow, as well as a balanced battle ax good for throwing if needed. occasionally Grieve Edges, which are practically bladed boots, and full arm and hand Gauntlets  any weapons he makes when he is in a rush.

Occupation: Weapon-smithing, alchemist, also a Mercenary, which explains a bit why he split away from his brother for a time. due to his time as a Mercenary, he has many contacts in many places, well connected.)

(Drakona looks like an aristocratic noble, usually dressing in a plain black silk undershirt, and a semi-demonic designed pair of pants and matching Tailcoat. black and blood-red. he is semi-large, about 5'11", pretty muscled. that kinda ripped that you can only see if his shirt is off. he is very fast, and loves fighting and battle tactics, and coming up with solutions to problems that stop him from doing what he wants to do.)

you know what, use my profile pic as template...

__"We get started once we get to know outer new assistant," Reludar stated offhandedly, then he stared at the man who had so easily indentured himself.

__"I am Yurd, A man of many occupations,"

(Yurd's character spread)

Name: Yurd tekk

Traits: skilled at sneaking and use of his favorite balisong, which he fondly named Lola. Is often seen flipping his double hinged knife about. Steals habitually, takes anything of value In the room that isn't too heavy and isn't nailed to the floor (how do you think he got the diamonds?)

Weaknesses: isn't very good in a real fight, he works better at backstabbing and assassinating without notice. Has no magical defenses, and little understanding of magic.

Weapon(s): his backstabber, a balisong he has fondly named Lola, and a pair of stainless steel single handed blades for backup in case he gets caught. Six feet of 540 cord, and a roll of duct tape.

Occupation: Thief, mercenary, assassin, Robber, And now assistant to Reludar And Drakona Magnus.

Garb: black unreflective cloth clothing, a hooded jacket with many pockets for holding various things, a small sheath for his balisong around his waist. Two double sheaths on his back with light steel swords (light the noble's sword in china, light, flexible, and sharp) the 540 cord wrapped around his belt to hold up the roll of duct tape.

(Which also reminds me, here's Reludar's garb)

Garb (Reludar): cowled Red robes with inner pockets for storing various materials, as well as his journal and two writing utensils for notes, he constantly holds a the only enchanted staff, a magic amplifier staff, which focuses his magic. There is a 20 pound belt of steel that goes over his shoulder which he shapes into his weapon of choice.



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