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Welcome oh Reader to the world of Helmedia.

This world is an extremely peaceful world. As in they got to future tech without ever having basic items like guns, or ever needing to resort to them. Weapons are merely an abstract idea to all but a select few.

But in this world there was a recent war, the very first, and it set this world alight. Something has caused all machines and technology to stop working the world over, and no one knows what did it except that it was magic.

Watch your step as you venture out into this world stranger. For you may meet more than you expect.


1.Weapons include magic and swords, but enchanted weapons are EXTREMELY rare, (meaning that you will find only one in this roleplay, unless the GameMaster sees fit to introduce another weapon. None may claim this weapon in their initial build except the GameMaster.)

2.Magic is still a mysterious thing at this point, very few have mastered any sort of magic, and those who have guard their knowledge jealously.

3. NO TECHNOLOGY OF ANY SORT. Nothing may run off of electricity in any form, only the very basic forms of electricity may be used. Elemental Lightning for example.

4.Mythical beasts are beginning to reveal themselves again after the technological collapse, they are extremely distrustful of humans, and rarely show themselves.

5. Present your character build before you start, list all abilities and powers, strengths and weaknesses alike.

6. Upon Review I may let you join, but if your character is broken or full of loopholes you can exploit then you will be ignored.

7. I reserve the right to "UNMAKE" any character, everything they will have done will still be there, they will just cease to exist, memory along with them.

8. You may not control another player's NAMED character. Unnamed characters may be used for story purposes, but try to keep these characters in the background, and keep them in minor roles.

9. Enjoy the Roleplay, don't kill each other...too much ;-)

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"good to meet you, now take that blade you just failed to successfully steal out of your pocket, and don't try to steal anything of mine again or i promise i will shoot you with this crossbow." Drakona sais it matter-of-factly, leaving no room for anyone to believe that he's lying. now lets get going, it's boring just standing around here. he walks over to Yurd and holds his hand out, waiting for the thief to hand the Khukri back to him.

__Reludar looked at Yurd with a raised eyebrow, "So, it's that kind of occupation, very well. Do as my brother says and put it back."

__Yurd shrugged nonchalantly, "Habit,"

__Reludar crossed his arms, "If you are that kind of person then I shall have to make you swear on thieves honor to uphold our deal,"

__Yurd looked at the shape sorcerer surprised, "you...how do you-"

Reludar held up a hand to stop him, "I have dealt in some of the more interesting parts of our new society, Thieves guild included."

__Yurd nodded, "Very well, Thieves Honor,"

__Reludar smiled, "On what?"

__Yurd glared at Reludar, "Thieves Honor that I shall uphold the deal,"

__Reludar smiled even further, "Which deal?"

__Yurd looked at the sorcerer helplessly, then sighed in defeat, "I swear on Thieves Honor that I shall uphold upon the agreed deal that you shall procure an Enchanted weapon to the specifications I have set, and in exchange I
Shall be Indentured to you for 25 years."

__"Done," Reludar clapped his hands together, delighted, "What shall we set him to Dear Brother? Shall we take him along on our 'adventure'? We do need to catch up on our research since the war, We've fallen behind by a decade."

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"well, since we are all so close now, you can lose that accent, and yes, i want to keep a very close eye on him." Drakona replies. (srry, might post more in the morn)

"Let's go," he sais, grabbing his gauntlets, jacket, and a small dagger on the way out. Then he walks back in and grabs his Stele (a type of runic drawing tool that allows the drawing of runes or symbols on any substance, good for transmutation circles) and walks back out.

__Yurd looked at the odd pair he had saddled himself with sighed. If he had come to know anything about these two when asking around, they weren't the kind of people to play around with, he really would have to work for his weapon.

__Reludar looked back as they left the shop. His voice had become much more normal than before; it now had the distracted air of one who constantly thinks of things that aren't in the here and now. The red robed mage took out a leather book and a quill and wrote a few scratchings in it. Yurd would have to take a look in that later, maybe there was something he could learn from those worn pages...

__"So what's the first job going to be boss?" Yurd questioned.

__"Research is the name of the game, and it will be for a long time..." He replied, sounding mysterious and oddly disturbing near the end.

__"cheeky," Yurd commented.

__A mote of light drifted in front of Drakona, and dissipated, dropping a letter onto the ground, the light was an easily cast spell that could transport physical objects with little to no drain once cast. It was used very often as a sort of postal service.

Picking up the letter, Drakona sais "Your first job will be to never say Boss again." he reads the letter. 'Be Careful. Something Is Going Down, Keep Your Head Low Or They Will Catch You Again.' it reads. "Shit. we need to lie low a bit guys. look's like we are gonna keep our adventure a bit quiet." Drakona walks out of sight. he is gone a minute, then returns, carrying a Balisong, costumized.

Turning around, "i'm sure you are wondering why i chose a balisong to grab. i chose this because i could tell by the movements of your wrist when you failed to steal that dagger, that your fighting style would be a bit more... eccentric. Let me see the one you have, and ill show you how i can make it twice as threatening." Yurd hands it over to Drakona (lets say Kona for short, Drakona is too long to say). he accepts it, then pulls his own out, butts the handle ends together, and wraps a cord around the two, making one double bladed knife. "see, now i can stab BOTH ways..." Kona laughs, throwing it back to Yurd. " i prefer to get more up close and personal with my prey. that's why i use these Guantlets."

And with that, he punches a hole in Yurd's chest, obliterating his Heart. "i don't like this guy's name, so he can serve me in hell."

*(Edited Character sheet for Drakona)


Character: Drakona Magnus

Traits: uses alchemy with transmutation circles. never completed his training, so his works are undetailed. Reludar uses his magic to work on that. Drakona is a bit less well-read, gets bored easy, and loves weapons and battle tactics. somewhat impatient. Brother to Reludar Magnus (GeekBeam's agreed upon character)

Weaknesses: limits to the amount of energy he can use for transmutations, and he has to draw one, or have a drawn one that was never used, before he can transmute from it.

Weapons: Grieve Edges, which are practically bladed boots, and full arm and hand Gauntlets.  any weapons he makes when he is in a rush, all weapons made or basic, not very well-balanced or shaped, that needs to be done by Reludar. the idea is to keep them from being OP by making them reliant on each other.

Occupation: Weapon-smithing, alchemist, also a Mercenary, which explains a bit why he split away from his brother for a time. due to his time as a Mercenary, he has many contacts in many places, well connected.)


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